Thursday, September 27, 2012



Hahah! Just kidding. Our big news is that Big J got a job! A real job! A good job! A J-O-B! No more squeaking by on unemployment! No more living in my brother's old room in my parent's house (although we are eternally grateful for spending time here, and Little J is going to miss his grandparents (and their cars) very very much)! No more wallowing in self-pity while we bemoan the fact that we aren't employed! Ok, maybe not so much the last one, but we are feeling an enormous amount of relief.

Here are the details: it's for a company called Mercer and it's in Phoenix. Big J will be an analyst that helps set Medicaid prices for 26 states. At least I think so. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I do know that it's a JOB! He's starting on the 22nd of next month, which is pretty soon, so we're in moving mode once again!

So, since we're moving to the Phoenix area, I'll take any advice from all you Arizonians (is that the proper term? There's no red squiggly under it, so I think that's right) on where to eat, live, play, camp, etc. Also, tips on dealing with the face-melting heat would be great too.

Ok, enough excitement for now. Here's some cute pictures to calm you down:
Breakfast time in the Anderson home is accented by
the splatty sounds of yogurt hitting the floor.

The aftermath.

Our most recent adventure. We're on a butte close to the Pine Mountain
observatory in the Oregon High Desert. I wish the camera had captured
the sunset better, it was knock-your-eye-out gorgeous.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mostly Pictures

My favorite picture of James sleeping. He
was out cold.
The cousins reading together. D'awwwww.
Picture of the smoke plume from the nearby
Pole Creek Fire. As beautiful as it is
Little J doesn't care that people's homes and livestock are
threatened by a raging fire. He just wants to play with a rock.
What a view!

Also, Big J has a big interview in Phoenix tomorrow, so any thoughts, prayers, cosmic vibrations, etc would be appreciated. Thanks.