Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quoth the toddler, "Wa wa!"

Guess what! Little J talks now! Well, he makes noises that remotely sound like words in the English language, but I'm totally counting that as talking. Here's a list of words with the accompanying noises he makes in parentheses:
Waffle (wa wa)
Truck (bruck)
Car (ga ga)
Ball (ball) Boo ya!
Teeth (eeth)
Shoes (ssszzz)
Banana (nana)
More (mo) And he still signs it.
Hi (ha)
Bye (ba)
Mater (from the movie Cars) (mama) I'm not sure how I feel about this.
Grandpa (boppa)
Amen (ah ma) He also says it repeatedly throughout the prayer.
Hot (Hoh)
Hat (Hah)
Tractor (Tra ta)
Cactus (tac tac)
Doc (also from the movie Cars) (da)
Door (doh)
Keys (jeesh)
Bowl (boh)

Only 4979 more words until he's considered fluent in English!

Also, we've been having more adventures in the desert, and with some friends at the zoo. Here's proof:

This winter was exceptionally wet, so the wildflowers at
our local desert hangout spot are looking really beautiful!

Just look at how green(ish) that is!

A lovely little lupine.

Although he doesn't look enthused here, Little J actually had a great time
looking at the lions. He even made lion noises at them. Hopefully he didn't
say anything rude.

There's something super adorable about a kid drinking
out of a water bottle that's the same size as his torso.

Check out that Galapagos Tortoise!

Apparently this is comfortable.

Checking out some cool poop.

There was a goat petting zoo area, but I think Little J thought it was a
playground. He ignored the goats and climbed all over the stumps
and all over the goat toys.

Driving a giant tra ta.