Thursday, February 9, 2012


The resemblance is uncanny, no?
Bath time is Little J's favorite time of the day hands down (splashing around, most likely). So the other day while he was in the bath, I decided to see what he would look like with hair. The following pictures are the fruits of my labors.

I tried to do a Bob Ross 'do, but the structural integrity of the bubbles just wouldn't allow it.

I know, I know, I got the spikes a bit in the wrong spot.
Nevertheless, "RUFIO, RUFIO, RU-FI-OOOOOOOH!!!"
He thought the whole thing was rather funny and didn't mind a bit. Also, he took Big J's toothbrush with him everywhere that day, so hence it being in the bathtub as well. Don't worry - we sanitized it afterward.

I think tonight we'll try Captain Picard. Maybe some Princess Leia if he doesn't mind looking like a girl.

Oh! Speaking (well writing, really) of looking like a girl, I was in a checkout line a couple of days ago and this cute little old lady called Little J "Princess"! I didn't have the heart to tell her she was wrong, but it was fairly obvious he was a boy. He was wearing a white onesie and a blue hat and had his blue blanket with him. I mean, if you're going to hazard a guess in that situation, go with boy.

Anyway, I'm over it.

Any other suggestions of bubble hairdos I can subject upon my son?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Although I doubt any of these things would make you feel better if you were bit by a dog or stung by a bee.

1. Mine isn't exactly like this, but it's
the closest picture I could find.
A few days ago my friend Charisse asked me what things I thought were essential after I had a baby. That got me to thinking about the baby products (stuff for babies, not stuff made out of babies) that I liked or found unnecessary. These are things that worked for Little J and I, so the list in your head is probably different - feel free to share what you think in the comments.

1. Changing table. I LOVE my changing table. It's nice and tall (because both Big J and I are tall) and it's sturdy and holds a TON of stuff. I put his extra wipes and diapers, Desitin, baby powder, shampoo, socks, burp cloths, nursing pads, and lotion in it. There was also some room left over for some other random stuff like a box of envelopes and my extra purse. I don't like changing diapers on the ground, so this is my favorite piece of furniture.

2. Sweet relief.
2. Bouncy chair. I love putting Little J in this while I shower, change the laundry, waste time on Facebook, etc. It has a light-up waterfall and a couple songs it cycles through so it can keep him entertained for quite a while. Although he's kinda getting sick of it now. He tries to sit up in it whenever I put him in it, and he ends up whacking himself in the face with the arch. It's both funny and sad.

3. Rocking chair. It's really nice that I have a designated area that I nurse Little J that's comfortable and moving. He likes begin held when he's sick and it's nice that I can sit in the rocker and be comfortable myself.


4. Phillips Avent Twin Electric
Breast Pump. Or as I like to call it -
4. A really nice breast pump. I tried a manual one and then a single side electric pump, but they were terrible at sucking. Wait. I mean they sucked. Aw, never mind. You get my drift. I learned that if you get what you pay for when you buy a breast pump, so I had to spend a bit more than I wanted, but it was worth it. I pump twice a day for Little J's cereal, and this baby gets it done in about 3 minutes. I wish that I had had it in the beginning.

5. Nursing pillow. It's so nice to not have to use sixteen pillows all stacked up in the crotch of the couch to get your baby to boob level. I bought the knock-off version; not the Boppy, and it works just fine. Although I did use a Boppy the other day and I liked it a bit better. I wish I had brought it to the hospital. I'm learning lots of things that I will implement with our next child.

6. The Infantino Breathe carrier.
It's inexpensive and Little J likes
it much better than screaming
his brains out. 
6. Baby carrier. Sometimes Little J will not stand being put down, so I plop him in the baby carrier and go about my business. It's made life SO much easier. We've been hiking with it, and it also works when I'm just cleaning up the house. I have a Moby-style wrap that a friend of mine gave me that I really like too.

7. iPod touch. I can't tell you how many games of pocket baseball I've played while nursing James. I find it awkward to read a book or crochet or do anything very creative with my hands while I'm nursing, so the iPod has saved my life. I can't stand sitting in the rocking chair with nothing to do, so I browse the Interwebs, read the news, check my email and the weather, and play baseball. I also enjoy the app Temple Run. I think Little J gets a little concerned when I suddenly shout or yell at the game. I can also read on it, so I get in my daily scriptures, a magazine or the Onion News Network.

Isn't this pillow INCREDIBLE??!?
Well, there you have it. The seven things that I cannot live without, now that we're living with a baby.

Also, while I was looking for pictures of the products that I love, I found this product to the left. I want one. Like, yesterday. My giant swollen pregnant body would have loved it, and my post-partum broken body would love it now. It's like a husband, but without all the wiggling and extra body heat.